• What is the difference between girls + data Live content and eLearning Portal content?

    Courses on the eLearning Portal are entirely on-demand. Girls can start a course whenever they would like, and there are no deadlines to complete it by. Some content on the eLearning Portal may be closely related to past or future Live events. Students who have already taken a course live may opt to skip that course and enroll in more advanced or different courses.

  • What is the target age range for these courses? What if my daughter is younger or older?

    Courses are targeted at young women grades 5-8, but younger and older students are welcome to learn with us as well.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    Girls should have basic computer skills to get the most out of the courses. Girls should be able to navigate and control a computer on their own and understand concepts such as double clicking, clicking and dragging, how to open and close applications, and internet browsers.

  • Are there any hardware/software requirements?

    Courses must be accessed by a laptop or desktop with a stable internet connection and a web browser. Installation of additional relevant software will be covered in the course material.

  • Can I preview a course before purchasing?

    Yes! Most paid courses will have a free preview that you can navigate to on the course landing page.

  • How are payments for courses processed?

    All payments are processed through PayPal.

  • What is a course bundle?

    Course bundles allow you to purchase multiple courses at once for a discounted price.

  • How can I reach your support team?

    For questions related to course content, email support@girlsplusdata.org. For questions about your account, payments, email info@thinkific.com.